Background on Stu


15 years service with Royal New Zealand Air Force: Physical Training Instructor,  Senior Instructor of the RNZAF Survival Training

Two operational deployments to East Timor

Extensive jungle, sea, sea coast, bush, arid/desert, alpine and Antarctic survival

Survival training and material for New Zealand Defence Force Flight crew personnel

Instrumental in setting up a Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape training programme to equip RNZAF personnel for overseas deployment in war zones

Owner of SOS Survival, New Zealand



NZ Military Trainer badge



RNZAF Commander Sector West Commendation

RNZAF Aircrew Survival Course the Australian Air Force Combat Survival Course

USAF S-V80-A Combat Survival Training Course jungle, sea, sea coast, bush, arid/desert, alpine and Antarctic environments 

6-Week Jungle Preparation

A 6-week program to maximize you fitness for tropical / semi-tropical survival experience 

12-Week Alpine Mountain Climber Preparation

12-Week program for an individual who is preparing to climb a low-mid Alpine mountain

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6-Week Desert Preparation

Prepare yourself for the demands for the hot and dry desert environment 

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