Mo Hasan

This September will be the start of my 4th year working with Craig. He has the paperwork to back his professionalism and that is the reason why I keep coming back. He has helped me personally to lose 30 kilos, made me aware of what I am putting into my body and allowed me to gain mental strength and confidence. Thank you Craig

Noor Murad

Craig embraces wellness in all aspects of life. Add to that a pretty cool guy who knows his stuff and it's impossible not to be hooked immediately!





Tom Pollard

Craig has completely changed the way that I think about exercise and nutrition. He is so passionate and invested in helping people improve their fitness and general well-being.



Alisha Holness

I love working with Craig and recommend it to anyone who wants to become fitter, healthier and stronger while having great fun all at the same time! I tried different gym memberships and "classes" but always gave up on them - I have stuck with Craig for five years now because of the variety, social aspects and Craig's commitment and passion towards helping people reach their goals!


Shannon Pincock

Learning that I was pregnant, Craig  tailored each session to meet my unique needs while continuing to challenge me to be healthier and stronger. It is not just another fitness service, it is a lifestyle change. You really do feel cared for!