A Grey Wolf is a man of 40 years + and is dedicated to:

  1. looking, moving and feeling great until the day they die

  2. leading their kids through positive daily actions


Fitness (movement), food and living habits are all pieces of the puzzle that make up the health jigsaw. Losing fat and having a six-pack may all sell to the masses but they are simply just the result of better health. By focusing on health the positive benefits are endless.


  • Mental Toughness.  Guys who can get up early and train outside amongst the elements.  If a bit of rain puts you off training, then this is not for you.

  • Common Sense.  This service is best suited for men who work without making a fuss and use the grey matter between their ears.

  • Intrinsic Motivation .  The burning desire needs to come from within.  Good things happen to those who continue to turn up day after day.  This is no 6-week fad.


  1. Focus - Grit and determination are skills learnt to conquer challenges. Every day we work and learn. 

  2. Flow - Stagnation is the beginning of the end. Our body and its systems need to move well every day.

  3. Family - Every wolf needs the support of his loyal pack! Lead the next generation to greatness.

  4. Faith - Having belief in oneself and the process.  Patience and hard work always pay off.

  5. Failure - Throwing our pride to the side and accepting we fail means we can grow.


The Grey Wolf Club was created by Coach Craig. He has over 15 years of training mature corporate dudes.  His role is to enable you to get the most out of your life while leading by example.  The use of online coaching enables him to work 'closely' with anyone around the world. Alongside his formal education, he has over ten thousand hours of coaching time under his belt. 

Craig has successfully operated a bricks and mortar gym for over 8 years. He been requested to share his fitness philosophies with organisations and businesses around the world. He has held fitness workshops for California State University, USA Embassy Bahrain, Global Shapers, Royal Charity Bahrain, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Movenpick Hotel Group and The United Nations Environment Team.  




  • Passionate outdoorsman, Brazilian Juijitsu athlete and enjoys a paddle out at sea .

  • Loves to travel -  South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Israel, India, New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong so far.