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Purchasing Your Kettlebells

Purchasing Your Kettlebells

A kettlebell (KB) looks like cannonball with a handle on it.  Today there are hundreds of different designs and materials that you can choose from.  Metal KB’s are made of either cast iron (traditional bells that increase in size with weight) or steel (competition bells that remain the same size regardless of weight).  The beauty of the KB is that you can use it to develop strength, endurance, stamina and mobility.

Exercising Outdoors Vs The Gym:  Hormones

Exercising Outdoors Vs The Gym: Hormones

You’d be convinced by the ‘experts’ today that you need a lot of equipment and a flashy gym to get fit.  The truth is that you don’t.  If you were to walk into any professional sports facility, you’d find that 90% of their work is squatting, deadlifting, pressing from the chest, pulling from the back, pulling the body up and pressing above the head.  The basics work well and you don’t need flash.  If your goal is to look, feel and perform well for life then you do not need to join a gym - period.