Aaron is almost 20 years older than me and he'd still easily kick the sh*t out of me!  He ignited my interest in kettlebells and martial arts almost ten years ago.  He is an original cage fighter (MMA) before it became mainstream and a UK judo legend but you wouldn't know it as he's one humble dude.  He is one of the few people I've met with tough knuckles, a smart brain and a soft heart.


1.  How have you maintained apex health and fitness? 

Movement! Food. Rest. Sleep. Mindfulness. Studying. Sharing. Relationships. Love.  

Life can be busy, complex and hard. I strive daily to find time to stay still, smell the air, soak up my surroundings and just be in the moment. Sometimes, this can be to the frustration of those around me.  I aim to simplify. To connect through disconnecting. 


2.  Since you turned 40, have you experienced any changes to how your body looks, moves and performs?

Indeed!!! Living my 40’s as I did my 30’s was an error that I have spent the last few years correcting. My 30’s were still a time of competition for me in the martial arts of Judo and MMA. I ate well, trained hard and all was good. My 40’s came and I had stopped professionally competing, my training, though still hard, had no mental drive, no purpose outside of the movements I performed. My appetite however did not reduce. The impact of this reduced my purpose to move well and the continued intake led to added weight and general lethargy. Two things needed to change:

  1. I needed to find another purpose

  2. My appetite needed to be reduced.   


3.  What does your current fitness routine look like?

I move everyday with purpose. My aim, to move better every day. In the morning, I perform my Yogi Dogi routine, it is my wake up and mobility. My recharge. I train 4 times per week after work. 3 of these sessions are moderate in intensity and 1 is of high intensity. I rotate Kettlebells, bodyweight and Barbell work. My Friday session, my weekend, is the highest intensity day. It is a morning session with at least 3 other people. This will be adjusted depending on my overall energy levels. Each workout will involve most of the same basic movement patterns. A Squat, Hinge, Pull, Press, Bend, Animals, Rotation, Anti rotation, Uni/bilateral work, Carry, Throws, Ukemi, Climbing, Hanging, Jumping, Running.

An Aikido version of Ukemi.  *This is not Aaron (he only rolls on concrete, fire or broken glass and doesn't need a sword..)  Seriously, this would be great to help all people to avoid falling badly.

4.  Have you changed the way you eat as you have got older?

YES!!! I eat less. I eat better quality. Food needs to taste great. I love to cook, engage in the full process from purchase to digest. Each stage with purpose. Each stage enjoyed fully. 

My morning starts bulletproof coffee style at around 0500hrs. I will next eat at around 1300hrs with fish and salad. The workout will be 4-5 hours later followed by dinner before 2000hrs, my last feed. One day per week I will miss the 13300hrs feed and one day per week have a solid breakfast in the morning. Alcohol is moderate and thoroughly enjoyed!! I never feel guilty if I indulge in a less than whole food experience. My mental relationship with food is much healthier now.


5.  Finish the sentence:  When I’m 75, I’ll be..

Moving well, strong, a little wiser and enjoying life!