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A 3-minute Guide to Macronutrients

A 3-minute Guide to Macronutrients

Macronutrients reflect the 3 groups we can place food into.  This does tell us whether the food is healthy or not.  Example, both a lollipop and carrot can be considered a carbohydrate.  The first point of call is always to source natural and nutrient dense options before worrying about macros.

Grey Wolf Legend:  Aaron Depledge

Grey Wolf Legend: Aaron Depledge

Aaron is almost 20 years older than me and he'd still easily kick the sh*t out of me!  He ignited my interest in kettlebells and martial arts almost ten years ago.  He is an original cage fighter (MMA) before it became mainstream

Testosterone.  Man’s Best Friend

Testosterone. Man’s Best Friend

estosterone, a steroid hormone, is vital for the Grey Wolf (man over 40) to look, move and feel great until the day he dies.  It helps to prevent several diseases, maintain muscle mass and keep the bones strong.  Levels naturally drop as men get older but we are witnessing