Hot-cold therapy has been used by many cultures since the dawn of man.  The contrasting temperatures result in a short term stress response that enables the body to adapt and overcome to controlled adversity.  To make the most of this ancient health hack, we include the 3 minute hot-cold shower to the ‘Rise System’ (30 seconds alternating).  Three benefits include increased energy, immunity and circulation.



Mitochondria are the cells’ energy generators.  To feel and function well, we want to get rid of the old and replace them with the new.  This process is called mitochondrial biogenesis which is significantly increased by changes in temperature (Mercola, 2016).  If you want a free pick me up each day, be like the Scandinavians and turn the tap all the way over.  Are you hard enough?


‘Cold exposure induced increases of leukocytes, granulocytes and natural killer (NK) cells’ (Mooventhan et al., 2014).  These are the soldiers of war against Man Flu and sickness.  Daily cold stress increases both the numbers and activities of your body’s special forces.



‘Flow’ is one of the GWC’s principles and the process of hot-cold exposure promotes theeffectiveness of the body’s circulation system.  As cold water hits the body, the body reacts by moving blood the organs.  The regular adaption to this exposure enables the arteries to work more efficiently to pump blood (Borreli, 2014).



Aside from the 3 points above, some research suggests that additional benefits of cold exposure includes increased alertness, weight loss (white fat), DOMs recovery, testosterone and stress reduction.  Make this part of your morning schedule to adapt and bulletproof your body.  Check out this video from the Art of Manliness below.

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