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GWC is no 6-week fad. It’s a online health & fitness system designed so you look, move and feel great. It requires 5 hours of commitment per week. The service is delivered to you through informative videos, fitness programming, educational resources and personal correspondence.

Together we enable you to age gracefully.

Fitness (MOVEMENT)

Take the guess work out of your fitness training.  The program is adaptable to the individual's ability and age.  Build lean muscle, lose the gut and inspire the next generation

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Men know it's important to be 'healthy' in order to avoid chronic disease and feel great.  The million dollar question is 'how do we do that?'  Utilising a health system that covers everything from food, hygiene habits, sleep and hot-cold exposure you can make some basic changes that will enable you to shed the fat suit, reduce chronic stress and feel young again!

the Equipment you need

Kettlebell - Gymnastics Rings

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You can cancel your membership anytime with one month's notice

Unlimited email correspondence with Coach Craig

Weekly Member email, blog posts, videos on health, fitness, food and motivation.

$US 26 per month

By utilising any services or suggestions from Grey Wolf Club Limited, you assume all risks to your health and safety. Exercising can result in injury or illness and by participating, you release Grey Wolf Club Limited and anyone associated of any wrong doing.  We do not guarantee any results and every individual will react differently to our approach.  Coach Craig is not a nutritionist or medical doctor and you should consult your own medical doctor before commencing an exercise program or changing your diet.