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Frequently Asked Questions

I currently play [insert sport].  Can I continue to do this while joining the GWC?

Yes, many of our guys participate in other sports or activities.  It is important however to notify me (howl@greywolf.club) so we can modify your training load.  We want to supplement and support your sporting passion.

How much commitment is required for the fitness training?

5 hours per week only.  We like to do the fitness sessions first thing in the morning before we can be distracted by life. You are free however adapt your sessions to your own schedule.  

I'm over 60.  Am I too old?

No, apex is ageless!  The beauty of this system is that you can tailor it to the individual.  Programming can be adapted to the individual.

I have a pre-existing injury.  Can I join?

Please send an email to howl@greywolf.club with your injury details and I can give you some personal feedback. Exercise can be adapted to the individual but I need to understand your personal circumstances before you commence.  I may refer you out to a medical professional before proceeding.

I'm healthy.  Can I just jump into the Grey Wolf Club & skip the health / movement screen?

Any good coach wants their athlete to be safe and ready to exercise.  When you have been in this industry for some time you learn to 'believe it when you see it'.  You can always cheat the health challenge and pretend to do it but who are you cheating in the long run?

I am one of those guys who likes his workouts to be intense.  Will this be enough for me?

That depends on your goals.  For some sick reason, certain individuals like to run their health into the ground by trying to train too hard every day.  This approach usual leads to injury or burnout or both.  This system is about balancing your health and fitness in equal proportions.  Trust me,  when you are 80 years old and the strongest grandfather in town, you'll be happy that you trained this way!